Fripp & Eno | Artist

Fripp & Eno | Artist

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Fripp & Eno is the experimental ambient music side project of British musicians Robert Fripp and Brian Eno, formed 1972 in London, UK. Each of their releases has made extensive use of "Frippertronics", a tape delay technique, combined with Fripp's electronic guitar with subsequent sound treatments added by Eno, along with Eno playing various keyboards and synthesizers. Their first album, the excellent No Pussyfooting, was recorded in 1973 and upon release polarised listeners and critics alike because of it's anti-rock approach which was akin to early German electronic experimentation. Eno had just left Roxy Music having recorded their second album For Your Pleasure, while Fripp's band King Crimson had just released Larks' Tongues in Aspic - both albums masterpieces. Fripp & Eno's experimental ambient electronic work was a radical departure from their work with their respective bands, and was a defining moment in the emerging ambient electronic music genre. Their second release, Evening Star, from 1975 is also a superb album, filled with bubbling electronics intertwined with beautifully sparse guitar melodies. To-date, the duo has recorded four studio albums and one live album. Standouts include No Pussyfooting, Evening Star and Live in Paris 28.5.1975.

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