Front Line Assembly | Artist

Front Line Assembly | Artist

Tags: Era_1980s, Gender_Male, Genre_Industrial, Genre_Metal, Origin_Canada, Type_Artist

Front Line Assembly is a Canadian electro-industrial band formed 1986 in Vancouver by Bill Leeb (vocals, synthesizer, keyboards, percussion) and Michael Balch (synthesizer, keyboards, programming, percussion). Later members were Rhys Fulber (synthesizer), Chris Peterson (synthesizer), Jared Slingerland (guitar, synthesizer), Jeremy Inkel (synthesizer) and Jason Bazinet (drums). Bill Leeb had previously performed with Skinny Puppy under the name Wilhelm Schroeder then left to starting his own project Front Line Assembly with friend Rhys Fulber. Since their inception, the group have produced over a dozen studio albums and EPs, several of which have charted on Billboard's Top Dance/Electronic Album chart. Their 1992 album Tactical Neural Implant is considered a classic among industrial music fans. They have also produced soundtracks for video games such as Quake III: Team Arena and AirMech. Initially FLA integrated guitars into their sound, either sampled or as live guitars, then in 2012 they reverted to making exclusively electronic music. Standout albums include Caustic Grip, Tactical Neural Implant, Hard Wired, Implode and Artificial Soldier.

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