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Game Theory was an American power pop band founded 1982 in Davis, California, by singer-songwriter and pop prodigy Scott Miller. The initial lineup also featured Nan Becker (keyboards, vocals), Fred Juhos (bass) and Michael Irwin (drums). Their music combined melodic jangle pop with dense experimental production and hyperliterate lyrics penned by Miller. They made five studio albums before splitting to form The Loud Family. After Miller's death, Game Theory reformed for one final album, 2017's Supercalifragile. Outstanding albums include The Big Shot Chronicles, Lolita Nation, 2 Steps From the Middle Ages and Real Nighttime. The 2020 archival release Across The Barrier of Sound: Postscript, is also recommended. Scott Miller, who committed suicide at age 53, was described as being "America's most consistently underrated singer-songwriter ... producing album after album of hook-laden and profoundly literate rock-and-roll".

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