Garland Jeffreys | Artist

Garland Jeffreys | Artist

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Garland Jeffreys is an American, singer and songwriter born 1943 in Brooklyn, New York. Jeffreys' music spans rock and roll, reggae, blues and soul styles, reflecting his African American and Puerto Rican heritage. Jeffreys had connections with the Velvet Underground, being friends with Lou Reed from their college days, and playing guitar on John Cale's debut album Vintage Violence. Jeffreys also appeared on Lou Reed's album Rock and Roll Heart. In 1969 he formed the band Grinder's Switch and they released one self-titled album before splitting. Jefferys released his first solo album in 1973 which was well reviewed, but it was his second album Ghost Writer, released in 1977 which established him artistically. That album included the Jeffreys-penned song "Wild in the Streets" which has been covered by many artists including Chris Spedding, Circle Jerks and British Lions. He has since released a string of consistently good albums and had some chart success with the singles, Ghost Writer, Wild In The Streets and Matador. Outstanding albums include Ghost Writer, Escape Artist, Don't Call Me Buckwheat and The King of In Between.

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