Glen Brown | Check the Winner (Comp.) | Album-Vinyl

Glen Brown | Check the Winner (Comp.) | Album

Tags: Era_1960s, Gender_Male, Genre_Reggae, Origin_Jamaica, Type_Album

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Glen Brown "Check the Winner: The Original Pantomine Instrumental Collection 1970-74" (1989)

LP (NEW) - Vinyl, Greensleeves Records, UK, 2016, VPGSRL 603, 054645060318, Reissue

Check the Winner is a compilation of Glen Brown instrumental productions cut for the Pantomine label, recorded at Jamaica's leading studios; Randy's Dynamics, Federal, Harry J's and Joe Gibbs, all mixed by the unbeatable King Tubby. Glen Brown is recognised chiefly as the Rhythm Master of reggae. Virtually every tune issued on his imprints was a bone-shaking rhythm track that hit the spot on the dance floors and sound systems of Jamaica and the UK. These instrumentals are more than just harmonious renditions of known tunes: the rhythms are heavier than an elephant's arse, with King Tubby's mixing in full precise effect and the horns rolling like the walk of a man with too much overproof in his bloodstream. During the '70s Brown delivered some of the best performances heard in JA or anywhere else.

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