Goat | Artist

Goat | Artist

Tags: Era_2000s, Gender_Combo, Genre_Psych, Origin_Sweden, Type_Artist

Goat is a Swedish experimental fusion music group formed 2012 in Korpilombolo, Norrbotten County, by core members Christian Johanssen and Goatman. It is more likely they come from Gothenburg but they claim to come from the small town of Korpilombolo which has a history of Voodoo practice. The band plays world music that has heavy psychedelic and drone influences. The members are anonymous and always appear wearing masks. They're signed to Rocket and Sub-Pop Records. Outstanding albums include World Music (2012), Live Ballroom Ritual (2013), Commune (2014), Requiem (2016) and the 2022 release Oh Death. The 2021 compilation Headsoup is also recommended.

Artist Website: goatsweden.blogspot.com

Featured Albums: Goat

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