Grobschnitt | Artist

Grobschnitt | Artist

Tags: Era_1970s, Genre_Kosmische, Genre_Prog, Origin_Germany, Type_Artist

Grobschnitt was a West German rock band formed 1972 in Hagen, West Germany, by Stefan Danielak (guitar, vocals), Joachim Heinz Ehrig aka Eroc (synthesizer, percussion, drums, vocals), Gerd Otto Kühn (guitar, vocals), Bernhard Uhlemann (bass, flute, percussion), Hermann Quetting (keyboards), Axel Harlos (drums, percussion), and Rainer Loskand aka Toni Moff Mollo (vocals). Their 1972 self-titled debut album on the Brain label was influenced by UK prog bands such as Yes and Genesis. By the time of their second album release Ballermann in 1974, the band had trimmed back to five members, including new member, classically trained keyboardist Volker Kahrs aka Mist, and their sound had moved towards a more symphonic style, featuring lush keyboard usage. The band became a successful live act in Germany and elsewhere, as demonstrated on their excellent 1978 live set Solar Music - Live. After Eroc's departure in 1983 the band began to disintegrate and they released one last album Last Party Live before disbanding in 1989. Interest in Grobschnitt led to a partial band reunion from May 2007 and several concerts in 2007 and 2008. Standout albums include Grobschnitt, Ballermann, Rockpommel's Land and Solar Music - Live.

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