Harmonia | Artist

Harmonia | Artist

Tags: Era_1970s, Genre_Electronic, Genre_Kosmische, Origin_Germany, Type_Artist

Harmonia was a West German musical collaboration formed 1973 in Forst, Lower Saxony, by Moebius (synthesizer, guitar, electronic percussion, nagoya harp, vocals), Hans-Joachim Roedelius (organ, piano, guitar, electronic percussion, vocals), and Michael Rother (guitar, piano, organ, electronic percussion, vocals). Brian Eno (synthesizer, bass, vocals) participated in 1976. Moebius and Roedelius also collaborated in the groups Cluster and Kluster. Michael Rother was also a central member of Kraftwerk and NEU! The founding trio were the cream of German experimental electronic music scene, with Brian Eno describing them as "the world's most important rock group." Harmonia's work would influence the development of ambient music by Eno and David Bowie, as well as other electronic and rock music acts. They recorded two albums under the name Harmonia: Musik von Harmonia (1974) and Deluxe (1975), both released on Brain Records. The first album was produced by the band using a primitive mixer and three tape recorders. The band's second album, produced by Conny Plank with a 16-track recorder and mixing desk, featured live drumming by Guru Guru member Manny Neumeier. As well as the two studio albums, other standout releases include the 1997 archival album Tracks & Traces, which includes Eno, plus Harmonia Live 1974 album. The 2015 compilation Harmonia Box is also highly recommended.

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