Harmonia | Deluxe | Album

Harmonia | Deluxe | Album

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Harmonia "Deluxe" (1975)

LP (NEW) - Brain, Germany, 2015, LPGRON151, 5060238632072, Remastered, Reissue

Harmonia's second album Deluxe (1975) has more song-like structures and melodies than its predecessor Musik von Harmonia; think Kraftwerk circa 1974 just before that band's music morphed into crisp and precise electropop. Indeed the opener "De Luxe (Immer Weider)" is an actual song with group vocals in the chorus. There's some quasi-rock jams too such as "Walky-Talky" but only once on the album do the drums and bass spill over into a full 4/4 groove. The rest of the album's intriguing restraint, the blunted edge to the sound, stands Harmonia apart from those of its Krautrock contemporaries like Can and Ash Ra Tempel who were also playing in a rock style; and the pretty, pastoral melodies and gentle surrealism certainly contrast with the starker sounds often coming out of Cologne and Düsseldorf in the 70's. Harmonia's music existed in a marvelous space of its own.

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