Harmonia | Musik von Harmonia | Album-Vinyl

Harmonia | Musik von Harmonia | Album

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Harmonia "Musik Von Harmonia" (1974)

LP (NEW) - Vinyl, Grönland, Germany, 2015, LPGRON149, 5060238632058, Remastered, Reissue, Gatefold Sleeve

Harmonia was a German progressive electronic (Krautrock) super-group formed by Michael Rother from NEU! plus Mobius and Rodelius from Cluster. Brian Eno would also join in on their later albums. Musik von Harmonia is their debut album originally released 1974 on the Brain label. The reason Harmonia works, particularly on this first album, or even later on when Brian Eno joined in, is the fact that the musicians were able to harmonise their musical views and intuitions and different strands that characterised Krautrock, coming up with a unified musical vision. Sounds simple enough and on paper should have sounded ‘just’ as a combination of the two bands. Luckily, the sum is greater than the parts, even though the music they produced on Music von Harmonia is actually much easier on the ear. What the then-trio did was combine all the strands that characterized the Krautrock sound at the time and came up with an overall catalog of the genre. From the predominant electronics of Cluster and bands like Kraftwerk (“Sehr kosmisch”), to Neu!’s motorik (“dino”), Can’s sampling and funk (“sonnenschein”), the psych of Amon Duul II (“veterano”), Faust’s experimentation (“ohrwurm”) and world music signatures of Popol Vuh (“ahoi!”). The result is neither imitation, not even musical quotations, ‘simply’ a process of incorporating all that you yourself produced up to that point and all you have heard from your contemporaries and rolled it up into a coherent enveloping. The product of this synthesis is in fact one of Krautrock’s highest achievements.

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