Harmonium | Artist

Harmonium | Artist

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Harmonium was a Canadian progressive rock band formed 1972 in Montreal, Quebec, by founding trio Serge Fiori (guitar, flute, vocals), Michael Normandeau (guitar, vocals) and Louis Valois (guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals). Normandeau left the band in '76 and Valois left in '78, being replaced and supplemented by various new members over the band's six-year lifespan, including Serge Locat (keyboards), Pierre Daigneault (flute, saxophone, clarinet), Robert Stanley (guitar, vocals), Denis Farmer (drums), Libert Subirana (flute, saxophone, clarinet), Monique Fauteux (keyboards, vocals), and Jeff Fisher (keyboards). Serge Fiori, who carried on with a successful solo career, was with the band from start to end. Their debut self-titled album, recorded by the founding trio, was a huge success and a sold out tour was staged all over Quebec and in French Canada. Their second album was also an immediate success. Les Cinq saisons is a concept piece comprising five songs, each one representing a season, with the last song being a long instrumental representing a imaginary fifth season. For this album, the band recruited two new members to fill out the soundstage with brass instruments and keyboards. The group also invited two guests to play on the sessions, Judi Richards, who provides vocalizations, and Marie Bernard performing the Ondes Martenot. In 2015, Rolling Stone magazine listed this album at number 36 of the best 50 prog-rock album and declared it the best prog-folk album. The band released one more excellent studio album L'Heptade, plus the excellent live album En tournée. Serge Fiori's 1978 album Deux cents nuits à l'heure, a collaboration with folk artist Richard Seguin, is also highly recommended. In 2018, the group were awarded honorary Prix Félix at the 40th annual Gala de l'ADISQ, in honour of being one of the most influential bands in Quebec music history.

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