Hawkwind | Artist

Hawkwind | Artist

Tags: Era_1970s, Gender_Male, Genre_Psych, Origin_UK, Type_Artist

Hawkwind is an English rock band formed 1969 in Ladbroke Grove, London. The principal members were Dave Brock (guitar, vocals), Nic Turner (sax, flute, vocals), DikMik (keyboards), Del Dettmar (keyboards), Robert Calvert (vocals, poetry), Simon House (violin, keyboards), Lemmy (bass), Simon King (drums) and Stacia (dance). Many players came and went over time, with Dave Brock as the mainstay. Bassist Ian Kilmister aka Lemmy was on-board during their peak years but left in '75 to form Motörhead. Hawkwind's riff-driven Psych/Space-rock borrowed from earlier Pink Floyd influences and Krautrock to create a unique and much admired sound. They also collaborated with science fiction writer Michael Moorcock on several sci-fi themed albums. Space Ritual from 1973 is a masterpiece live album which fully captures the Hawkwind experience. Other outstanding albums include In Search of Space, Doremo Fasol Latido, Hall of the Mountain Grill and Warrior on the Edge of Time. The 1977 compilation Masters of the Universe is also recommended, as is the handy 5 Album Set box issued 2013 on EMI, comprising the band's first five albums.

Artist Website: hawkwindmuseum.co.uk

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