HiM (US) | Artist

HiM (US) | Artist

Tags: Era_1990s, Genre_Dub, Genre_Fusion, Origin_USA, Type_Artist

HiM is an American dub influenced post-rock group formed 1995 in Chicago, Illinois, by multi-instrumentalist Doug Scharin. Other permanent members are Bundy K. Brown (bass), Rob Mazurek (cornet) and Jeff Parker (guitar). Scharin was formerly drummer for the influential bands Codeine, Rex and June of 44. Additional members are sometimes recruited from the bands Tortoise and Isotope 217. The band's first album, Egg, was their most dub-based effort. Each successive album has gone more in a quasi-world music direction. Their fourth album Sworn Eyes (1999) was the first to raise significant critical acclaim, and this was followed by a series of consistently excellent albums over the next nine years, including Our Point of Departure, New Features, Many in High Places Are Not Well, Peoples and 1110. The latest HiM albums 1110 and ,released in 2008 and 2009 on Afterhours in Tokyo, are collaborations between Doug Scharin, Josh Larue and the Tokyo-based group Ultra Living. In terms of their musical style, the band's highly percussive jams with the kosmiche-krautrock qualities has led some reviewers to liken them to a fusion of Can and Talking Heads. HiM (US) is not to be confused with the Finlandish Goth-Rock band HIM.

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