Horslips | Artist

Horslips | Artist

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Horslips is an Irish Celtic rock band formed 1970 in Dublin by Eamon Carr (drums, percussion), Barry Devlin (bass, vocals), John Fean (guitar, vocals), Jim Lockhart (keyboards, flute), Charles O'Connor (fiddle, mandolin, vocals) and Declan Sinnott (guitar). They compose, arrange and perform songs frequently inspired by traditional Irish airs, jigs and reels. The group are regarded as "founding fathers of Celtic rock" for their fusion of traditional Irish music with rock music and went on to inspire many local and international acts. In their early days, they weren't popular with celtic folk purists, being one of the earliest folk-inspired bands to embrace heavy progressive rock. Their debut album Happy to Meet - Sorry to Part (1972), released on their own record label "Oats", was based on traditional Irish melodies and was an instant commercial success in Ireland. The Abbey Theatre in Dublin then asked the band to provide music for a stage adaptation of "The Táin", a tenth-century story written in Old and Middle Irish about an ancient war between Ulster and Connacht. The album was released in 1973 and contained original material with a greater emphasis on rock. In the same year a single, "Dearg Doom", went to number one in Germany. Their third album Dancehall Sweethearts balanced folk with rock and helped launch them to a wider rock music audience. The band went on to release ten studio albums, standouts include Happy to Meet - Sorry to Part, The Tain, Dancehall Sweethearts and A Book of Invasions: A Celtic Symphony. At their peak the band toured Britain, Germany, Canada and the United States. The night they played the Albert Hall in London was described by one critic as the loudest gig there since Hendrix.

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