Hunters & Collectors | Artist

Hunters & Collectors | Artist

Tags: Era_1980s, Genre_Pop_Rock, Genre_Post_Punk, Origin_Australia, Type_Artist

Hunters & Collectors was an Australian band formed 1981 in Melbourne by mainstays Mark Seymour (vocals, guitar), John Archer (bass) and Doug Falconer (drums). Seymour is the older brother of Nick Seymour, bassist for Crowded House. The four met as students at the University of Melbourne and played in a succession of covers bands until Hunters & Collectors was formed in early 1981 with the addition of Geoff Crosby (keyboards), Robert Miles (sound, design), Greg Perano (percussion), and Tosti-Gueira (guitar). They developed a blend of percussive post punk art-funk, influenced by Krautrock bands such as Can, and Talking Heads circa Remain in Light. To get the sound they wanted, they enlisted German studio maestro Conny Plank to produce their first two albums. Their excellent self titled debut album came out in 1982 and attracted rave reviews from critics. The next album to reach the same level of excellence was their fourth, Human Frailty, which contained their classic song "Throw Your Arms Around Me". Although the band enjoyed major success in Australasia, USA and Europe, they never became a "stadium rock" band, staying close to their pub-rock roots. They broke up in 1998 after having released 11 studio albums. Stand-outs include Hunters & Collectors, The Jaws of Life, Human Frailty, What's a Few Men?, Cut, and Under One Roof (live).

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