Ibrahim Maalouf |  Artist

Ibrahim Maalouf | Artist

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Ibrahim Maalouf is a French-Lebanese jazz trumpeter, pianist and composer born 1980 in Beirut, Lebanon. Maalouf's father Nassim is a trumpeter, his mother Nada, a pianist, his uncle is the writer Amin Maalouf and his grandfather was the journalist, poet, and musicologist Rushdi Maalouf. Ibrahim studied classical and modern music at the Conservatoire de Paris and as a teenager toured Europe performing classical works. His music and trumpet playing is inspired by Arabic culture as well as by contemporary rock, jazz and electronic music styles. He is notable for composing the music for the big budget French film Yves Saint Laurent. Outstanding albums include Wind, Illusions, Kalthoum, Dalida and the soundtrack to the film Dans les forêts de Sibérie.

Artist Website: ibrahimmaalouf.com

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