Iggy Pop | Artist

Iggy Pop | Artist

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James Newell Osterberg Jr. aka Iggy Pop is an American singer, songwriter, musician, producer and actor born 1947 in Muskegon, Michigan. In 1968 Iggy formed The Psychedelic Stooges with Ron and Scott Asheton and Dave Alexander. The Stooges went on to make several classic proto-punk albums with the charismatic Iggy up-front. Initially playing a raw, primitive style of rock and roll that progressed stylistically with each album, the band sold few records in their day and gained a reputation for their confrontational performances, which often involved acts of self-mutilation by the singer. He met David Bowie in 1975 starting a lasting collaboration which came to fruition with Pop's excellent first solo album The Idiot released in 1977. Bowie produced and played on The Idiot and the equally good follow-up Lust For Life. Other standout albums include Kill City, with James Williamson, plus New Values, American Caesar and Post Pop Depression. Although Iggy has had limited commercial success, he became both a culture icon and a significant influence on a wide range of musicians in numerous genres. The Stooges' classic album Raw Power influenced generations of aspiring rock and punk bands. Pop's solo album The Idiot has been cited as a major influence on a number of post-punk, electronic and industrial artists including Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails and Joy Division.

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