In The Woods | Artist

In The Woods | Artist

Tags: Era_1990s, Genre_Metal, Genre_Prog, Origin_Norway, Type_Artist

In the Woods is a Norwegian psychedelic black metal band formed 1992 in Kristiansand, Norway, by Christopher "CM" Botteri (bass), Anders Kobro (drums), Christian "X" Botteri (guitar), Oddvar AM (guitar) and Jan Kenneth "Transit" Transeth (vocals). In itially starting out as a Death Metal band called Green Carnation, they changed lineup and released the debut In The Woods demo album Isle of Men in 1993. Two years later they released the full-length album Heart of the Ages, which expanded the limits of their black metal style to incorporate sound of keyboards and female vocals combined with eerie distorted vocals and clean singing style. The band has released a total of six studio albums, plus one excellent live album. Standout works include HEart of the Ages, Omnio, Strange in Stereo and LiveAtTheCaledonienHall. The band disbanded in 2000 and reformed in 2014. At the end of 2016, the Botteri brothers left the band, being replaced by Alex Weisbeek and Bernt Sørensen on bass and guitar duties.

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