It's a Beautiful Day | Artist

It's a Beautiful Day | Artist

Tags: Era_1960s, Gender_Combo, Genre_Folk, Genre_Psych, Origin_USA, Type_Artist

It's a Beautiful Day is an American psychedelic folk band formed 1967 in San Francisco, California by David LaFlamme (vocals, violin, flute), Linda LaFlamme (keyboards), Pattie Santos (vocals, percussion), Val Fuentes (drums), Mitchell Holman (bass) and Hal Wagenet (guitar). LaFlamme was a classically trained violinist who, as a youth, performed as a soloist with the Utah Symphony Orchestra. Although they were one of the earliest and most important San Francisco bands to emerge from 1967's Summer of Love, they never achieved the success of contemporaries such as Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane and Santana. The band created a unique blend of rock, jazz, folk, classical, and world-music styles. Their debut self-titled album featured the track "White Bird" which became the band's signature tune. Before disbanding in 1974, they released four studio and one live album. Standouts include It's a Beautiful Day, Marrying Maiden, Choice Quality Stuff and Live at Carnegie Hall. The 2013 archival release Live at the Fillmore '68 is also recommended. Since 2000 the band has reunited featuring founding members David LaFamme and Val Fuentes.

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