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JJ Cale | Naturally | Album

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JJ Cale "Naturally" (1971)

LP (NEW) - Vinyl, Music on Vinyl, Europe, 2011, MOVLP386, 0600753356906, 180g Vinyl, Reissue

Naturally was the first solo album J.J. Cale recorded, originally released in 1971 on Leon Russell's Shelter Records label. The album features what would become his calling card, minimalistic guitar/vocal interplay and a laid back vibe. This is a short, 12 song record that brings to mind desert settings and low key affairs. It also features his one hit song, "Crazy Mama", his only song to ever chart which is a surprise since at least half these songs are more melodious and engaging. This album has aged very well over time. Don’t come to this looking for hard-charging rock, you won’t get it. This album is like walking into a house in Tulsa on a blazing-hot summer day, going in the living room where all the curtains are drawn to keep the night's cool in, and someone sunk deep in an armchair says “Oh, hey. It’s you. Come in and set a spell; Ruby’s bringin’ iced tea from the kitchen.” So you sit there, drinking Ruby’s iced tea, and ever’ so often somebody says a thing and everyone else says, “Yep. Sure is.” It’s just that kind of an album.

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