Jlin | Artist

Jlin | Artist

Tags: Era_2000s, Gender_Female, Genre_Dance, Genre_Electronic, Origin_USA, Type_Artist

Jerrilynn Patton aka Jlin is an American electronic musician born 1987 in Gary, Indiana. As a young adult, she supported herself by working at a steel mill, which could be seen as having influenced her percussive style of music in later years. Patton began producing music in 2008 and received early attention for her 2011 track "Erotic Heat". Jlin's debut album Dark Energy was released in 2015 to critical praise and her follow-up Black Origami received further acclaim. Her music has been categorised as "Footwork" which is a form of Intelligent Dance Music (IDM) originally from Chicago that features extensive use of drum fills, tom drums, handclaps, and snares. Her second album Black Origami features collaborations with William Basinski, Holly Herndon, Fawkes, and Dope Saint Jude. It received universal acclaim and was named among the best albums of the year by various publications. Also in 2017, Jlin was commissioned to compose the score for AutoBIOgraphy, a new work by Company Wayne McGregor that has its premiere at Sadler's Wells in London in October 2017. In 2020, Jlin created the new work Perspectives commissioned by the Boulanger Initiative for performance by Third Coast Percussion. Outstanding albums include Dark Energy, Black Origami and Autobiography.

Artist Website: planet.mu/artists/jlin/

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