John Southworth | Artist

John Southworth | Artist

Tags: Era_1990s, Genre_Pop_Rock, Origin_UK, Type_Artist

John Southworth is a Canadian based English singer-songwriter born 1972 in Cuckfield, UK. He performs a diverse range of popular song genres, from nostalgia to traditional folk balladry, 80’s pop to art song and cabaret. His backing band The South Seas features members from Toronto's avant-jazz-improv community. His debut album Mars Pennsylvania was released in 1996 and has been described by critics as "pure pop perfection with lavish and rich instrumentation throughout". Outstanding albums include Mars Pennsylvania, Sedona Arizona, Yosemite, The Pillowmaker, Niagara and 2019's Miracle in the Night. As a matter of interest, John Southworth father Peter Southworth was a pop artist in his own right, but was also a talent scout for Decca Records, who discovered the likes of Amen Corner, Ten Years After, King Crimson and Chris Rea.

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