Kaatayra | Artist

Kaatayra | Artist

Tags: Era_2010s, Genre_Folk, Genre_Metal, Origin_Brazil, Type_Artist

Caio Lemos aka Kaatayra is a Brazilian folk-metal musician born in Brazilia, Brazil. Kaatayra blends atmospheric black metal with styles of regional Brazilian music, usually heavily in the folk sphere. At time of writing there is little detail or history available about the artist other than his releases under various working project names and the fact he has been an incredibly prolific recording artist in recent years. As Kaatayra he has released five albums, including standouts Nascido sob o signo incivilizatório (2019), Só quem viu o relâmpago à sua direita sabe (2020), Toda história pela frente (2020), and Inpariquipê (2021). Also recommended is the 2020 compilation entitled Mata mato. Under the name Bakt the album Bastão ciã was released in 2022 as a download. Under the name Bríi, Lemos released three albums Entre tudo que é visto e oculto (2020), Sem propósito (2021) and Corpos transparentes (2022). Lemos is also a member of three bands: Extinction Remains, a doom metal band which has released three EP's; Rasha, a synthpop band which released the album Delírio altar (2022); and Vauruvã, a black metal duo in which Lemos plays all the instruments, which released two excellent albums Manso queimor dacordado (2021) and Por nós da ventania (2022). Lemos has quoted that "Kaatayra" is kind of a made-up word that means “Son / Daughter of The Woods.” This reflects the artists' deep passion about Brazilian folk music and childhood legends.

Artist Website: kaatayra.bandcamp.com

Featured Albums: Kaatayra

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