King Krule | Man Alive! | Album-Vinyl

King Krule | Man Alive! | Album

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King Krule "Man Alive!" (2020)

LP (NEW) - Vinyl, XL Recordings, Europe, 2020, XL 1009LP, 0191404100912, First Issue, Limited Edition White Vinyl, Gatefold Sleeve

Man Alive! is the Third studio album from King Krule aka English musician Archy Marshall. This album is the perfect entry into the King Krule discography. A dense 42-minute opus which comprises a honed and refined vision of what KK has aimed to create since his first EP. The album follows the epic The OOZ and acts as a great counterpoint the melting, longer ballads of that earlier album, as here the songs are tighter, and focused. Tracks such as "Stoned Again" and "Alone, Omen 3" serve as shining examples of his ability to blend genre and atmosphere. One of 2020’s best, and recommended for all

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