LCD Soundsystem | Artist

LCD Soundsystem | Artist

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LCD Soundsystem is an American Dance-Indietronica band formed 2002 in Brooklyn, NY, by vocalist and multi-instrumentalist James Murphy. Along with current touring members Pat Mahoney (drums), Nancy Whang (keyboards, vocals), Gavin Russom (synthesizer), Tyler Pope (bass), Al Doyle (guitar), Matt Thornley (guitar) and Korey Richey (percussion, keyboards), Murphy creates a conscious blend of rock and traditional electronic dance aesthetics. After leaving his career in the corporate world, Murphy's musical debut was the self-titled double album in 2005. The album saw critical and commercial success for its catchy alt-rock singles such as "Daft Punk is Playing at My House", and club-oriented tracks such as "Yeah". The sound melding Kraftwerk-like electronic dance influences, with rock aesthetics in the mode of David Bowie. With their 2007 follow-up Sound of Silver, the band honed in on a tighter, more driving sound that won them international acclaim and recognition. This is after Nike contracting them for music to use in their running commercials, which bred the conceptual jogging album 45:33, which serves as a great detour into deeper, more rhythmic conceptual pieces rather than songs. The band released This Is Happening in 2010 to critical praise, and duly announced their breakup afterwards. They toured the record relentlessly, culminating in a final performance at Madison Square Garden, documented in the excellent film ‘Shut Up and Play the Hits’’. Then followed a hiatus for the band, which ended in 2016 when they began touring in preparation for the release of 2017's effort American Dream. That album saw mixed critical results. Their last release was Live at Electric Lady Studios album, which serves as a treat for fans wanting to hear some rawer material. The band is best heard live as the complex layering of traditional electronic and rock instrumentation comes to life in the concert setting. People speculate that the name 'LCD Soundsystem' means 'Lowest Common Denominator Soundsystem', in reference to the traditionally held view that dance music was unsophisticated.

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