Les Rallizes denudes | Artist

Les Rallizes denudes | Artist

Tags: Era_1960s, Genre_Experimental, Genre_Psych, Origin_Japan, Type_Artist

Les Rallizes dénudés was a Japanese experimental rock band formed 1967 at Kyoto University led by Takashi Mizutani (guitar, vocals) and other members of the Kyoto underground rock scene. The band's style is typified by simple, repetitious instrumental passages, shrieking, cacophonous guitar feedback and folk arrangements. Their discography is made up mostly of live bootlegs, soundboard archives and a few rare aborted studio recording attempts. They have never officially released any of their own material although there are archive releases on independent labels such as Univive, Rivista, Phoenix and Bamboo. Their live performances originally accompanied performances by avant-garde theater groups but were deemed too loud, intense and distracting. In 1970, the original bass player Moriaki Wakabayashi assisted in the hijacking of Japan Airlines flight 351 orchestrated by the Japanese Red Army, and has been living in North Korea ever since. Les Rallizes dénudés still command a strong cult following and are credited with being one of the forerunners of Noise Rock. Outstanding albums include Heavier Than a Death in the Family (bootleg), Double Heads: Legendary Live (Bootleg), Cable Hogue Soundtrack and the archival compilations '77 Live and Rivista Archives. There is no literal translation of the band name, it is meaningless.

Artist Website: wikipedia/Les_Rallizes_Dénudés

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