Lil Ugly Mane | Artist

Lil Ugly Mane | Artist

Tags: Era_2010s, Genre_Hip_Hop, Genre_Psych, Origin_USA, Type_Artist

Travis Miller aka Lil Ugly Mane is an American rapper, singer and record producer born 1984 in Richmond, Virginia. He has recorded under multiple aliases in various genres since his first known released project in 2005, including Lil Ugly Mane, Shawn Kemp, Vudmurk and Bedwetter. Miller rose to popularity in the early 2010s with an experimental approach to Southern hip hop. His 2012 debut album Mista Thug Isolation gained him notoriety in the underground hip hop scene. Since then, he has experimented with a number of styles within and outside the hip hop genre, most recently releasing the indie rock album Volcanic Bird Enemy and the Voiced Concern (2021). His other work spans genres including instrumental, abstract hip hop, black metal, free jazz and noise music. Standout albums to-date include Mista Thug Isolation (2012), Three Sided Tape Volume One (2013), Third Side of Tape (2015), Oblivian Access (2015), Volcanic Bird Enemy and the Voiced Concern (2021) and Singles (2023). Miller joined the hip hop production group Chocolate Milk Collective (CMLK) in 2010 under the name Shawn Kemp. Under the Shawn Kemp name, he was also credited for scoring an infomercial for Slippy Syrup vape juice.

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