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Little Murders was an Australian power pop band formed 1979 in Melbourne by Rob Griffiths (guitar, vocals), Clint Small (guitar, vocals), Ken Hamilton (bass), Rod Flegg (drums), and Rob Wellington (guitar). As an English ex-patriot, Griffiths embraced the 1960's English pop sounds of The Who, The Troggs and The Kinks, and visually by draping Union Jacks over their amplifiers. The band were Australia's own version of the new wave of power pop in the late 1970s and early 1980s. They were the premier mod band on the Melbourne independent music scene and released a string of excellent singles such as 'Things Will Be Different', '100 Drugs' and 'She Let's Me Know'. They released nine studio albums before breaking up in the late '80s, unable to secure a major record deal. They subsequently re-formed over the next 25 years with differing line-ups but always under the leadership of Rob Griffiths. Standout albums include Stop! (1986), First Light (1998), Hi-Fab! (2016) and Dromana-Rama (2019). Also highly recommended is the 2009 compilation Stop! Plus Singles 1978-1986. The band name came from the 1971 film of the same name, directed by Alan Arkin and starring Elliot Gould.

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