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Madvillain "Madvillainy" (2004)

LP (NEW) - Vinyl, Stones Throw Records, US, 2016, STH2065, 06594572065127, 2xLP, Reissue

Madvillainy, released in 2004, is the debut album from Madvillain, the acclaimed collaboration between alternative rap heavyweight MF DOOM and legendary producer, Madlib. The album has been heralded as the benchmark alternative rap record alongside other releases from the early 2000’s such as Aesop Rock’s Labour Days (2001) and the earlier works of EL-P (post Company Flow). The lyrical finesse of MF Doom lies in his abnormal ability to compose complex, layered rhymes and then deliver them smoothly and effortlessly. The production from Madlib creates a perfect pairing, the contrast is especially noticeable when hearing the MF Doom projects surrounding it (Operation Doomsday and mm..Food). There is a reason you’ve heard of it, and it’s because it pushes the envelope, and continues to inspire today. This is one of the masterpieces of the hip hop genre.

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