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Mandrill | Artist

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Mandrill is an American funk band formed 1968 in Brooklyn, New York, by brothers Carlos, Lou, and Ric Wilson. The other original members included keyboardist Claude "Coffee" Cave, guitarist Omar Mesa, bassist Bundie Cenas, and drummer Charlie Padro. The Wilson brothers were born in Panama and grew up in the Bedford-Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn. With Carlos on trombone and vocals, Lou on trumpet and vocals, and Ric on saxophone and vocals, they formed the band to combine funk, soul, jazz and Latin music. AllMusic called them "One of funk's most progressive outfits... with an expansive, eclectic vision." After the release of their first two albums, Mandrill gained critical notice as one of the most progressive and experimental funk bands of the 1970s, with their use of Latin elements drawing comparisons to Santana and War. To-date the band has release 14 studio album, standouts include the first three, plus the fifth album: Mandrill (1971), Mandrill Is (1972), Composite Truth (1973) and Mandrilland (1974). In addition, the 2004 release Live At Montreux 2002 is highly recommended. Funk historian Rickey Vincent noted Mandrill's multi-ethnic membership and "bizarre blend of African-based rhythms, scorching rock riffs, country fonk, bop jazz, and one-chord guitar rock operas". The band is named after the monkey with the big red nose.

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