Marcos Valle | Artist

Marcos Valle | Artist

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Marcos Kostenbader Valle is a Brazilian singer, songwriter, and record producer born 1943 in Rio de Janeiro. He is one of the greatest Brazilian artists of all time and has produced works in many musical styles, including bossa nova, samba, and fusions of rock, soul, jazz, and dance music with Brazilian styles. The start of his career coincided with the explosion of Bossa Nova music in Rio and his early composition "Sonho de Maria" was included on the Avanco album by the influential Tamba Trio in 1963. After several early albums released in Rio, Valle and his then wife Anamaria travelled to the United States where they teamed up with Sergio Mendes in an early version of what would later become the band Brasil '66. Returning to Brasil, his work developed stylistically and became more overtly political over time. Marcos Valle (1970) (often referred to as The Bed Album) contained his most adventurous as well as his most rock-influenced and psychedelic music up to that point. Backed by Milton Nascimento's band Som Imaginario, Valle explored a more eccentric approach, with a number of futuristic tracks and an extended instrumental suite. Garra (1971) was a career highpoint that summed up his music and still stands as one of the finest pop albums of the era, Brazilian or otherwise. Its effervescent pop, jazz, soul, bossa, and film soundtrack stylings were matched by lyrics that attempted to reconcile Valle's hippie leanings with his status as a wealthy young musician who was also a successful businessman. Over his long career Valle has to-date released 29 studio albums. Standouts include Viola enluarada (1968), Garra (1971), Vento sul (1972), Previsão do tempo, (1973) and Estática (2010). Valle has collaborated with other Brasilian artists such as Azymuth, Astrud Gilberto and Milton Nascimento. In the US, Valle worked with artists as diverse as Sarah Vaughan, Chicago, and R&B singer and songwriter Leon Ware. Valle continues to perform in Brazil and throughout Europe.

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