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Melt-Banana is a Japanese noise rock band formed 1992 in Tokyo by core members Yasuko Onuki (vocals) and Agata (guitar, electronics). Additional members Rika (bass) and Sodoh Toshiaki (drums) made the band a four-piece for a number of years, but the band is now a duo. Melt-Banana is known for playing extremely fast grindcore and noise music mixed with experimental, electronica and pop-based song structures. The band quickly gained the attention of Indie label Skin Graft Records, American producer Steven Albini and John Peel in the UK. Their first Peel Session was in September 1999 and Peel described the session as "Simply one of the most extraordinary performances I have ever seen and ever heard ... just mesmerizing, absolutely astonishing". The band has released Nine studio albums and undertaken extensive worldwide tours and collaborated with Mike Patton's Fantômas. Standout albums include "Charlie", Teeny Shiny, Cell-Scape, Fetch, MxBx 1998 (live) and the singles compilation 13 Hedgehogs.

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