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MGMT | Artist

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MGMT is an American rock band formed 2002 in Middletown, Connecticut by Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser. The pair, who are both vocalists and multi-instrumentalists, met as freshmen at Wesleyan University. Their unique blend of psychedelic rock, electronic music, and pop sensibilities has garnered them a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim. They first gained attention with their debut album Oracular Spectacular (2007) which spawned the hit singles "Time to Pretend," "Electric Feel," and "Kids". Their second album Congratulations (2010) departed from the commercial appeal of their debut, the album delved deeper into experimental and psychedelic influences. Tracks like "Flash Delirium" and the title track showcased the band's growth as musicians and songwriters. Their self-titled third album from 2013 further explored their eclectic musical influences. Songs like "Alien Days" and "Your Life Is a Lie" displayed the band's willingness to experiment with different genres and sounds. After a brief hiatus, MGMT returned in 2018 with their fourth album, Little Dark Age. The album marked a return to a more accessible sound while retaining the band's trademark psychedelic and electronic elements. Tracks like the title track, "Me and Michael," and "When You Die" received critical acclaim and resonated with both longtime fans and new listeners. After a six year hiatus their 2024 album Loss of Life shows further musical maturity, particularly with its more developed lyrical content. Throughout their career, MGMT has been known for their dynamic live performances, incorporating elaborate visuals and stage setups that enhance their music's immersive experience. Extra-curricular activities include Andrew VanWyngarden's side-project with Kevin Barnes from Of Montreal called Blikk Fang, and Ben Goldwasser, who along with psychedelic band Foxygen was featured on The Flaming Lips cover album With a Little Help from My Fwends. Also Goldwasser and Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs composed the music for the animated film Where Is Anne Frank. The band name MGMT stands for "Management", which the duo chose as a tongue-in-cheek reference to the music industry and the way that artists are often managed and marketed by record labels and other industry players.

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