Miles Davis | Miles Davis' Greatest Hits (Comp.) | Album-Vinyl

Miles Davis | Miles Davis' Greatest Hits (Comp.) | Album

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Miles Davis "Greatest Hits" (1969)

LP (NEW) - Vinyl, Columbia, Europe, 2017, 88985446121, 150g Vinyl, Reissue, Incl. Digital Download

Miles Davis' Greatest Hits is a single LP compilation of some of Davis' most popular tracks released up until 1969. The seven tracks all come from different albums, giving a broad coverage of Davis' studio and live performances: "Seven Steps to Heaven", "All Blues", "Someday my Prince Will Come", "Walkin'", "My Funny Valentine", "E.S.P.", ''Round Midnight" and "So What". If you were forced to have only one Miles Davis album in your collection, this may well be the best one.

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