Moby Grape | Artist

Moby Grape | Artist

Tags: Era_1960s, Genre_Folk, Genre_Psych, Origin_USA, Type_Artist

Moby Grape was an American rock group formed 1966 in San Francisco, California, by Peter Lewis (guitar, vocals), Jerry Miller (guitar, vocals), Alexander "Skip" Spence (guitar, vocals), Bob Mosley (bass, vocals) and Don Stevenson (drums, vocals). They were known for having all five members contribute to singing and songwriting, which collectively merged elements of folk music, blues, country, and jazz with rock and psychedelic music. Skip Spence was previously with Jefferson Airplane as their first drummer and played on their first album Takes Off. Spence was the creative heart of Moby Grape however he was forced to drop out periodically due to drug and mental health problems. It was during one of these outages that Spence created his masterpiece solo album Oar. Although one of the hottest of the late '60s San Francisco bands, Moby Grape's success was stymied by decades-long legal disputes with former manager Matthew Katz. The band's 1967 debut album Moby Grape is regarded as their finest work however they released other excellent works including Wow, Moby Grape '69 and the archival live album entitled Live.

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