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Motörhead "Motörhead" (1977)

LP (NEW) - Vinyl, Chiswick Records, Europe, 2017, WIK 2, 029667006217, 40th Anniv. Limited Edition White Vinyl, Silver Embossed Cover

Motörhead's legendary debut album released 1977 on Chiswick Records. Although this wasn’t the first album the band recorded, this self-titled record was their debut release. With the classic line-up in place, Motörhead actually wanted this to be a live farewell record, as they seemed to be getting nowhere slowly. Thankfully, they were persuaded to go into the studio, recording most of the album in just 24 hours. The lack of time and budget suited their style. What comes across is a raw, aggressive trio, straddling punk and metal on songs like "Iron Horse/Born To Lose", "White Line Fever" and the revamped Hawkwind number "Motörhead". A vibrant and urging introduction to the band.

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