Mott The Hoople | Artist

Mott The Hoople | Artist

Tags: Era_1970s, Genre_Art_Rock, Genre_Pop_Rock, Origin_UK, Type_Artist

Mott the Hoople was an English rock band formed 1969 in Herefordshire, UK. The lineup was Ian Hunter, Mick Ralphs, Verden Allen, Overend Watts, Dale Griffen and Luther Grosvenor. Mick Ronson took over lead guitar when Mick Ralphs left to join Bad Company in 1974. Mott were one of the best Glam-Rock bands of their era and made several classic albums, including All The Young Dudes, which was a collaboration with David Bowie. Other outstanding albums include Brain Capers, Mott, The Hoople and Live. Since the band's breakup in '75 Ian Hunter has released many excellent solo albums. The band name Mott The Hoople is the title of a book by Willard Manus.

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