MSHR | Liquid Conglomerate Presence Cycle | Album-Vinyl

MSHR | Liquid Conglomerate Presence Cycle | Album

Tags: Era_2010s, Genre_Ambient, Genre_Electronic, Origin_USA, Type_Album

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MSHR "Liquid Conglomerate Presence Cycle" (1973)

LP (NEW) - Vinyl, EHSE Records, US, 2021, EHSE 040, 634457035676, First Issue, Gatefold Sleeve

MSHR is the audiovisual performance collective of artists Birch Cooper and Brenna Murphy, focused on the building and exploration of sculptural electronic systems, cybernetic compositions that take form as installation work and live performances. For the last decade they have toured the world with their unique, improvisational live show, centered around self-built analogue synthesizers that use feedback from light and movement to create dense sonic landscapes. The duo’s innately somatic approach to synthesis is complemented with reactive visuals that form city-like circuitscapes, which are themselves extruded from diagrams describing the signal flow of MSHR’s electronic musical systems.

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