New Order | Artist

New Order | Artist

Tags: Era_1980s, Gender_Combo, Genre_EDM, Genre_Post_Punk, Origin_UK, Type_Artist

New Order is an English rock band formed 1980 in Manchester by vocalist and guitarist Bernard Sumner, bassist Peter Hook and drummer Stephen Morris. They formed after the demise of Joy Division, following the suicide of vocalist Ian Curtis. Jillian Gilbert, drummer Stephen Morris' girlfriend and future wife, joined a year after the band formed, playing keyboards and guitar. New Order carried forward Joy Division's post-punk sound, infused it with dance and electro-pop influences, and became one of the most innovative and successful bands of the era. When Peter Hook left the band in 2007 their sound changed irrevocably. The album Power Corruption and Lies is their masterpiece, closely followed by Low Life, Technique and Brotherhood.

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