Nic Jones | Artist

Nic Jones | Artist

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Nicolas 'Nic' Jones is an English folk singer, fingerstyle guitarist and fiddle player born 1947 in Orpington, London. He was most active in the years 1964–1982 when he was a member of folk bands The Halliard and Bandoggs, as well as an accomplished solo artist. Jones released his first album, Ballads and Songs in 1970 on Trailer Records, and between 1971-80 he recorded four more solo albums, the last, Penguin Eggs, on the Topic label. Apart from Jones' trademark vocals, fingerstyle guitar and fiddle, the records also introduced guest instrumentalists playing piano, harmonium, bodhran, melodeon and recorders. During his career, Jones was much in demand as a session musician and he guested on albums by leading UK artists such as June Tabor, Shirley Collins, Barbara Dickson, Richard Thompson and many others. On 28 February 1982 Jones was involved in a serious road traffic accident returning home after a gig at Glossop Folk Club. He suffered serious injuries, including many broken bones and brain damage which left him with permanent physical co-ordination problems, unable to play the guitar as well as before, and no longer able to play the fiddle at all. The accident effectively ended his career as a touring and recording professional musician. Standout albums include Ballads and Songs, The Noah's Ark Trap, From the Devil to a Stranger, and his splendid last album Penguin Eggs.

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