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Pere Ubu | Dub Housing | Album

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Pere Ubu "Dub Housing" (1978)

LP (NEW) - Vinyl, Fire Records, UK, 2015, FIRELP 362, Reissue

Dub Housing is the Second studio album from Cleveland Ohio based experimental post-punk band Pere Ubu. Coming after their groundbreaking debut album The Modern Dance, released in the same year 1978, Dub Housing gives us more of what has been described as 'American industrial music'. The sound is an incredible synthesis of garage rock, warbled grotesqueries, and bubbling experimentalism, completely uncompromising yet compulsively danceable. Pere Ubu would go in a different musical direction on later albums and would never quite recaptured the otherworldly aura that surrounds their classic first two albums. Pere Ubu is a band that polarises listeners, many love them but some find them a tad too avant-garde. Here at Artrockstore we love Pere Ubu and think Dub Housing is one of the greatest post-punk albums ever recorded.

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