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Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM) is an Italian progressive rock band Formed in Milan in 1970 by original members Franco Mussida (guitar, vocals), Franz Di Cioccio (drums, vocals), Mauro Pagani (vocals, flute, violin), Giorgio Piazza, Flavio Premoli (keyboards, vocals), and Giorgio Piazza (bass, vocals). The last remaining original member in the current day lineup is Franz Di Cioccio. In the early 1970s PFM emerged as a pioneering force in Italy's burgeoning progressive rock movement, alongside bands such as Le Orme and Banco. Their music is characterised by complex compositions, virtuosic musicianship, and fusion of rock, classical, and traditional Italian influences. Their superb first Four albums; Storia di un minuto (1972), Per un amico (1972), Photos of Ghosts (1973) and L'isola di niente (1974) showcased the band's eclectic sound and innovative approach to songwriting, earning them a reputation as one of the most inventive and dynamic bands in the progressive rock movement and drawing comparisons to progressive rock giants like Yes and Genesis. Their music transcended language barriers and resonated with audiences worldwide, however when they signed to ELP's Manticore label in 1974, in a bid to broaden their market, the band re-recorded tracks from their first two Italian albums with English lyrics by Peter Sinfield, whgich became Photos of Ghosts. Also 1974's The Wolrld Became the World was an English language re-recording of the earlier L'isola di niente album. 1975's Chocolate Kings was the last of their top-shelf output, with the exception of several excellent live albums including Cook (1974), originally titled Live in U.S.A., and In concerto: Arrangiamenti PFM (1979) which featured Italian folk artist Fabrizio de André on vocals. PFM introduced new sounds, such as the synthesiser to the Italian musical world and were among the first to combine symphonic classical and traditional Italian musical influences in a rock music context. Such innovations and their longevity have earned PFM a place among the most important bands in the Progressive rock genre. The band's full name Premiata Forneria Marconi translates in English to "Award-winning Marconi Bakery".

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