Pink Floyd | London 1966/1967 (Comp.) | Album-Vinyl

Pink Floyd | London 1966/1967 (Comp.) | Album

Tags: Era_1960s, Genre_Prog, Genre_Psych, Origin_UK, Type_Album Release Year: 1991 Rating: 85.4

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Pink Floyd "London 1966/1967" (1991)

LP (NEW) - Vinyl, Kscope, Europe, 2017, KSCOPE526, 802644852652, Limited Edition Collector's Set, 10" Pink Vinyl, CD, DVD, 36 Page Hardcover Book

This mini LP contains highlights from Peter Whitehead's classic Sixties film "Tonight Let's All Make Love In London" a time-capsule of the life and music of the swinging sixties filmed in and around London by Whitehead and released as a feature film and a soundtrack album.


LP-A "Interstellar Overdrive" 16:46 mins
LP-B "Nick's Boogie" 11:50 mins
CD-1 "Interstellar Overdrive" 16:46 mins
CD-2 "Nick's Boogie" 11:50 mins
DVD-1 "Tonite Let's All Make Love in London" 29:18 mins
DVD-2 "Interstellar Overdrive" 16:46 mins
DVD-3 "Nick's Boogie" 11:50 mins
DVD-4 "Peter Whitehead's Overview" 3:49 mins
DVD-5 "Peter Whitehead's 60's Experience" 4:37 mins
DVD-6 "Mick Jagger Interview" 3:18 mins
DVD-7 "Michael Caine Interview" 2:42 mins
DVD-8 "Julie Christie Interview" 4:43 mins
DVD-9 "David Hockney Interview" 6:50 mins

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