Placebo (Belgium) | Artist

Placebo (Belgium) | Artist

Tags: Era_1970s, Genre_Fusion, Genre_Jazz, Origin_Belgium, Type_Artist

Placebo was a Belgian jazz fusion band formed 1971 in Waterloo Belgium by Marc Moulin (keyboards), Nic Fisette (trumpet), Alex Scorier (saxophone), Richard Rousselet (trumpet), Nicolas Kletchkwowsky (bass), Freddy Rottier (drums), Johnny Dover (saxophone), Philip Catherine (guitar), Yvan De Souter (bass) and Francis Weyer (guitar). Bandleader Moulin was a legend of the Belgian music scene, having played in other bands including Cos, Aksak Maboul, and Telex, as well as working in production for many other artists. After releasing several early solo works in the '60s, Moulin formed the band Placebo with his friend guitarist Philip Catherine. Placebo played a style of jazz fusion similar to Canterbury scene bands such as Nucleus and Soft Machine. Placebo only existed for a short time but delivered three superb studio albums: Ball of Eyes (1971), 1973 (1973) and Placebo (1974), plus the equally superb live album Live 1971 which was not released until 2019. Also highly recommended is the compilation Marc Moulin: The Placebo Sessions 1971-1974, released in 1999. The Belgian Placebo has nothing to do with the UK post-punk band of the same name formed in 1994.

Artist Website: wikipedia/Marc_Moulin

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