Queen | Sheer Heart Attack | Album-Vinyl

Queen | Sheer Heart Attack | Album

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Queen "Sheer Heart Attack" (1974)

LP (NEW) - Vinyl, Virgin, Europe, 2015, 00602547202680, 180g Vinyl, Remastered, Lyrics on Inner Sleeve

Sheer Heart Attack, released in 1974, is Queen's Third studio album. This album is among Queen's finest works, coming after Queen II and before A Night at the Opera, all three recorded with 18 months of each other. This is reckoned to be Queen's heaviest rock album, with guitar god Brian May's in cracking form on tracks such as "Brighton Rock", "Killer Queen", "Now I'm Here" and "Stone Cold Crazy". To quote the great John Peel "In 1974 Sheer Heart Attack was rarely off my turntable. It was a revelation; a collection of songs whose sheer diversity made it something of a phenomenon.. Queen where a great band, even when they diversified to such a degree they left me behind, but Sheer Heart Attack remains a towering testament to just how great they were", and we heartily agree. An essential album for all fans of classic rock.

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