Richard Clapton | Artist

Richard Clapton | Artist

Tags: Era_1970s, Gender_Male, Genre_Pop_Rock, Origin_Australia, Type_Artist

Richard Clapton is an Australian singer-songwriter, producer and guitarist born 1951 in Sydney, New South Wales. At age 16 Clapton left Sydney for London to pursue music and, once there, survived by busking and occasional gigs. He then relocated to Germany and changed his name in honour of his rock'n'roll heroes Keith Richards and Eric Clapton. In Germany he joined the band Sopwith Camel along with Burghard Rausch and Michael Günther from the Krautrock band Agitation Free. In 1972 Clapton returned to Sydney and briefly joined a jazz-rock group Sun replacing their previous singer Renée Geyer. He then signed a record deal with Festival Records subsidiary Infinity and released his debut solo album Prussian Blue in '73 which received critical praise but slow sales. Clapton's commercial breakthrough came with his single "Girls on the Avenue" issued in '75, and the album of the same name. He became one of Australia's leading singer/songwriters and went on to perform internationally and has recorded fifteen studio albums to-date. Standout albums include Prussian Blue, Girls on the Avenue, Main Street Jive, Goodbye Tiger, The Great Escape and Dark Spaces. Clapton's 2021 covers release Music is Love 1966-1970 is also highly recommended.

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