Sarah Blasko | Artist

Sarah Blasko | Artist

Tags: Era_2000s, Gender_Female, Genre_Indie, Genre_Pop_Rock, Origin_Australia, Type_Artist

Sarah Blasko is an Australian singer-songwriter, musician and producer born 1976 in Sydney. As her parents were missionaries, Blasko grew up in a Christian evangelist environment and gained early experience singing in choirs. From 1995-2001 she fronted Sydney band, Acquiesce, who released one album. She then persued her solo career and released a home-recorded EP Prelusive in 2003, which got significant air-time from influential radio station Triple-J. Her first album The Overture & the Underscore was recorded in Hollywood in 2004 and again picked up strong radio support, as well as nominations for Best Female Artist at Australia's ARIA awards. Her next album What the Sea Wants, the Sea Will Have, recorded in Neil Finn's Auckland studio, was a huge seller and established Blasko firmly as one of Australia's leading singer-songwriters. One reviewer described her as "an entrancing artist who sings exceptionally well but is bent on making you guess what brews within her heart rather than pouring it out to you". Blasko tours constantly and is a fixture on the festival circuit in Australia and internationally. She has released six studio albums. Standouts include The Overture & The Underscore, What the Sea Wants The Sea Will Have, As Day Follows Night, I Awake and I Awake: Live at Sydney Opera House.

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