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Silver Apples "Silver Apples" (1968)

LP (NEW) - Vinyl, Rotorelief, Europe, 2017, RotorC55, 2090504459815, Transparent Vinyl, Reissue

Having languished in obscurity for many years, '60s US duo Silver Apples are now being widely recognised as pioneers of electronica, thanks to their ground‑breaking work in melding psychedelic rock with primitive oscillators. At the time, certain switched‑on tastemakers such as John Lennon and sometime collaborator Jimi Hendrix sang their praises, but it's been in latter years, with the likes of Beck, the Beastie Boys, Stereolab and Portishead's Geoff Barrow all acknowledging their influence, that the band's renown has grown. Silver Apples is as fascinating decades after its release as it must have been puzzling in 1968. It’s an astonishing achievement, as Simeon and Taylor build a completely original sound without precedent. In its own way, this album is comparable to Elvis Presley’s “That’s All Right, Mama,” in that listening to it is to hear an entire new vocabulary being created. But a unique sound would be less meaningful if the songs didn’t measure up, and they do. They’re very much of the late ’60s, with a hippie peace and love outlook, folk music melodies and Simeon’s fey vocals. “Oscillations,” “Seagreen Serenade,” “Whirlybird,” “Program” (which even incorporates a primitive attempt at sampling) and “Misty Mountain” are all first rate examples of melody, pulse, and Taylor’s masterful percussion, which somehow holds it all together. A truly original and classic album.

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