16 Horsepower | Artist

16 Horsepower | Artist

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16 Horsepower was an American alternative country music group formed 1992 in Los Angeles, CA, by David Eugene Edwards (lead vocals, banjo, bandoneon, guitar, lap steel, hurdy gurdy), Jean-Yves Tola (drums, percussion, piano, backing vocals) and Pascal Humbert (bass, double bass, bass fiddle, guitar). Kevin Soll (stand-up bass, acoustic bass, cello, backing vocals) replaced Humbert in 1993, and later members Rob Reddick (bass, vocals), jeffrey-Paul Norlander (backing vocals, fiddle, guitar, cello, organ) and Stephen Taylor (guitar, keyboards) joined in the later 90's. Soon after forming, they relocated to Denver Colorado. Their music often invoked religious imagery dealing with conflict, redemption, punishment, and guilt through David Eugene Edwards' lyrics and the use of traditional bluegrass, gospel and Appalachian styles cross-bred with rock. Acknowledged influences included Joy Division, the Gun Club, Nick Cave and The Birthday Party. 16 Horsepower would eventually share the same management as Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and tour with them. They also collaborated with French band Noir Désir. The excellent debut full-length studio album Sackcloth 'n' Ashes was released in 1996, garnering praise from the international music press. Before splitting up in 2005, they would go on to release a total of 5 studio albums and 2 live albums, all of consistently high standard, and all are highly recommended. After their breakup, Humbert and Tola formed the band Lilium, based in Paris France, and Edwards formed the band Wovenhand, who also released many excellent albums. 16 Horsepower are among the Denver-based bands credited for laying the foundation for what today has become known as "Gothic Americana". The band's name was inspired by a traditional American folk song about sixteen horses pulling the coffin of a beloved to the graveyard.

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