Skeptics | Artist

Skeptics | Artist

Tags: Era_1980s, Genre_Industrial, Genre_Post_Punk, Origin_New_Zealand, Type_Artist

Skeptics were a New Zealand industrial post-punk band formed 1979 in Palmerston North by David D'Ath (vocals, samples), Nick Roughan (bass, samples), Don White (drums, percussion, samples) and Robin Gauld (guitar). John Halvorsen (guitar) who was previously with the Gordons and who would later go on to join Bailter Space, replaced Robin Gauld in 1985. In terms of recordings, the band released Four albums and Two EPs, mostly on Flying Nun Records. Standouts include the albums Ponds, Skeptics III and Amalgam, plus the EP If I Will I Can. Also recommended is the compilation Sensible from 1990. An example of the band's uncompromising social commentary was the notorious and unusually graphic music video entitled "AFFCO" produced in 1987. Named after the New Zealand meat processing company, the video included graphic footage of lambs being slaughtered and cut up, contrasted with footage of lambs in a field. Singer David d'Ath also appeared wrapped in plastic cling film and fake blood. Skeptics ceased as a band in 1990 upon the death of founder David D'Ath from leukaemia.

Artist Website: wikipedia/The_Skeptics

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